Design concepts that each web developer must know


Design isn’t only visual

Design is not only the facade; it is the personality beneath. For some good reason, design has a stigma as exclusively the visible area of the website. Design is the whole experience as soon as users enters your site to well after they’ve left, ie the memory of the site in thier minds.

The speed of which the site loads; the conversation between hover, touch and click; and the pace of which you deliver new features and content. Many of these ideas comprise design.

everyone on a task is a developer. The frontend, backend and task management should all be considered design.

 Be user-centric

Effectiveness and, most of all, pleasure.

In my own workshop, Though I provide them with simple recommendations to check out, generally, as it pertains to much larger projects, storytelling and more to point who the website users are and what they would like to be doing on the webpage. Remember that the selection of a website design company can bite you long after you have selected it.

The developer shouldn’t have to shoulder all the user experience; designers should lead it just. The knowledge should instead be distributed by the whole team (if one is present). There are numerous situations where I’ve relied on designers to help me find out the ultimate way to create the best user experience. Not merely do they know their limitations better, there is also a clearer notion of all options.

Design is at length

Details can handle making a ‘good’ design ‘great’. Focus on fine detail in a consumer experience could possibly be the difference between a satisfied consumer and an annoyed one. Getting the right color of blue or wrapping the hyperlink around particular text message really issues. The problem with details is that it is easy to get swept up in them. Concentrating on the details prematurely . is unneeded and can decelerate the process. It is critical to know when to concentrate on specific details or if it is good for visualize the complete, larger picture.

When making, sketch often

The advantages of sketching user encounters are well documented. Sketching can help you think about content, hierarchy and circulation among other aspects. Sketches are cheap, easy to do and incredibly fast. You ought to be in a position to create one new idea every thirty mere seconds. Sketching is also among the best ways to communicate ideas about layout, consumer experience and consumer movement for a niche site.
Sketches enable you to view and test your ideas quickly and thus save plenty of your time developing mockups and code
My first university professor ingrained this in me when I was a student. She wouldn’t why don’t we use the computer until she noticed pages upon webpages of sketches. Young designers have a tendency to skimp on the sketches or omit them completely. I still see many designers changeover prematurely . from sketches to an increased fidelity design without first discovering all possible solutions.

Everyone understands how to pull boxes, arrows and squiggled lines. You just need to be able to obviously communicate your sketches and the thought process behind them.

Use white space

It appears to be the hardest idea for developers to understand: the largest benefit to presenting the correct amount of white space is giving an individual a rest. Breaks are most essential for control of flow of information, particularly when there’s a good total process. It’s why paragraphs and phrases where invented instead of only a single, long prevent of running text message.

like the other space.

25, For instance, 8, 12, 16,
Apple uses white space effectively to spotlight and display its products
06. Grids are much more than just CSS

website design
website design



A grid should be utilized to:

Create relationships between objects
Give a base system to have visual alignment
Help produce a horizontal and vertical tempo
Help create optical balance
All of these concepts work together to best allow you create a much better visual system for your users. The grid you select impacts the unity of the look; choosing a grid predicated on which is least difficult to put into action won’t always be the best design choice for your articles and users. In the final end, it’s still simply a tool and can only be as effective as the individual wielding it.
Don’t consider of the grid as a CSS platform. It’s a design tool that needs to be used in combination with a purpose
When everything you write is emphasized nothing at all does

Only one component should have focus on the web page: the most crucial one.

Keep an motivation folder

Videos, posters,
Keep a gallery of inspiration. From photos to tees, having the ability to reference photos, designs or other things may help spark a concept on your own designs

 Design is focused on problem solving

You should approach design as a couple of issues that require solutions. Everything on the web page should have grounds to be there, nothing should be there that does not have a valid reason. I’ve the tendency to eliminate features from the feature collection so that the problem I’m solving becomes very obvious.

Sometimes it’s very hard for all of us to state the issues rather than jumping to a painful remedy. Working backwards really supports this. When deciding whether a design element should be blue, for example, go back and think of the reason why you desired it blue to begin with. Consider: what am I attempting to accomplish by which makes it blue? That which was my way of thinking? You may finish up back where you started, but you will have a much better understanding of why and what you are doing.

Learn how to discuss and critique design

An absolutely sure way to annoy a designer is to tell them however gently that a red stop should be blue, a piece of text message should be moved over, or even to make the logo design bigger. I believe you get the theory.

The ultimate way to give constructive feedback is to call focus on the issues with the look. Have proof predicated on the users, site stream, design goals and visible concepts to aid the issues that you observe with the look. This then helps your opinion of what should change and a solid basis for what success is perfect for an individual as well as the look.

Then, hopefully, the designer will continue to work with you to create a remedy to the problem. That is your chance to suggest an answer;

Creating Hype: Milestone Sells Out In Record Time!

Apakah sudah beredar di Roxy? Kayanya belum ada yang berani masukin ke Indonesia ya?

Saya pernah menawarkan Motorola Droid di Kaskus dan Forum Ponsel tapi barangnya sedang dalam perjalanan. Di Forum Ponsel yang hanya di caci maki dan di hina karena saya jual dengan harga Rp 11 juta. Melihat respon seperti itu maka saya tidak berani menawarkan Motorola Milestone lagi.


Sumber FCC kembali membocorkan ponsel Motorola dengan nama Titanium. Tampak gambar di atas Motorola Titaniun baru saja mendapatkan sertifikat FCC. Ponsel tipe apa lagi yang akan dibuat oleh Motorola?

Sebelumnya telah beredar ponsel-ponsel Motorola yang bocor di internet seperti Motorola Sholes, Motus dan Zeppelin. Kini muncul lagi Motorola Titanium. Kabarnya ponsel – ponsel Motorola selanjutnya kemungkinan besar akan menggunakan OS Android lagi, kabarnya lagi ponsel ini tidak luput dari fitur Wifi dan 3G atau EVDO Rev A. Apa mungkin penerus Motorola DROID?

This article contains unofficial information.
The previously unknown Motorola Titanium visited the FCC with some information that lets us make an educated guess as to which carrier(s) this handset will end up on. The device runs over Ev-Do rev. A which tells us that the Titanium looks Verizon or Sprint bound. Wi-Fi is enabled on this phone and since Motorola is not really doing much in the way of Windows Mobile gadgets these days, we can make the assumption that this will be powered by Android. The Titanium does not appear on the amazingly accurate leaked Motorola roadmap that we have used like Harry Potter’s Marauder’s Map to help guide us through the release of the Motorola CLIQ, the DROID launch and the upcoming Motus, Sholes Tablet and Motorola Zeppelin. So just what is the Motorola Titanium? As soon as we get more info, we will let you know.

Windows Mobile 7 Beta and Motorola Caesar

Internet resource UX Evangelist was the holder of interesting information on two projects at once. First, before it turned out to be information that the operating system is Windows Mobile 7 successfully moving toward release, which may take place in the middle of next year. At least we can hope for is the basis of what is already known about the existence of its Beta-version.

The second news story, which came from the same source – information about the company’s work on the Motorola phone running Windows Mobile 7. In the profile of one of the engineers stated that he joined the development of the device, code-named Caesar (Caesar), which runs Windows Mobile 7.0 (Beta). Actually nothing more about this model is not known. One can only assume that this phone, which will continue the line of communicators named in honor of the great rulers of the past (there are already vehicles bearing the names of Attila and Alexander of Macedon).


Motorola A3300 gets pictured, bound for China


Hot off the press from China, it looks like Motorola might not be done with Windows Mobile just yet. We can’t say much about this tiny touchscreen handset for the time being but the Windows key in the bottom left corner is unmistakable — the A3300, should it actually reach market, will be a WinMo smartphone through and through..


Beyond the OS, the only other noteworthy tidbits gleaned from these leaked images are the full touchscreen form factor, touch sensitive buttons beneath the display and the presence of a 5 megapixel camera with an LED flash. Beyond that, odds are good that if this little guy is real it will likely be confined to the Chinese market. Hit the jump for a shot of the back.

Thanks, Antony!